paisley-303853_1280 The Finest Horse Carriages in Polokwane paisley-303853_1280rev

The Royal Trot currently offers three different carriages:

Royal Farewell Funeral Policy

Horse-drawn funerals add that special touch to families saying goodbye to their loved ones. We are dedicated to providing families we beautifully turned out funeral hearses and horses. All our horse-drawn hearses are handcrafted with unsurpassed artistic woodwork and are surrounded by authentic etched glass.





Single Horse Two Horses Two Cariage Horses Four Carriage Horses
Horse Drawn Hearse Horse Drawn Hearse Horse Drawn Hearse Horse Drawn Hearse
Four Escort Horses Six Escort Horses
Three Mourners Couches
Cover Value: R15 000 Cover Value: R18 000 Cover Value: R25 000 Cover Value: R30 000
Premium From: R55 Premium From: R64 Premium From: R85.90 Premium From: R150

Our burgundy Victorian Carriage

With deep red seats is perfect to carry the wedding party, other guests or just for a ride through town or in the country with some of your friends. (accommodates up to 3 people excluding the driver.

The Vis-a-Vis Carriage

Perfect for weddings if you really want that old time feel and the bride’s white dress to really stand out, or to carry select members of the wedding party. This carriage is also great for a romantic ride through town or in the country. (accommodates up to six people including the driver).

The Cinderella Carriage

Perfect for Weddings and themed Birthday parties our Cinderella carriage will make your events as memorable as the movie itself.


The Royal Trot’s horses aren’t just used to pull our carriages. They are part of the family. Our horses (Mojer, Touch of Radiance, Bullet, Spirit and Rock n Roll) are never over worked, and we will not over book events, therefore dates are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. Our horses are well trained and very calm by nature. They have worked in almost every scenario; so you can be assured that your event will not only be special, but pleasant and safe. Although we would like to give you the horse of your choice we cannot always guarantee the availability of a specific horse. We will, however, do the best we can to make your day memorable.


Our drivers have a stake in the company, you can be assured your driver will be courteous, helpful and willing to go the extra mile.

 Experience the majestic elegance during your :
  • Weddings & Anniversaries
  • Matric Dances
  • Funerals
  • Romantic Outings
  • Corporate Promotions

The Royal Trot operates mainly in South Africa but is equipped to go anywhere and is constantly expanding its team of horses and carriages so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.